An Emergency with a Happy Ending

Theodore Eller

NorthShore Neurosurgeon Theodore Eller, MD

When Arlene Bronstein’s father, Jack Michlin, fell and hit his head, he was taken to the Emergency Department at NorthShore Evanston Hospital. As a result of this fall, NorthShore neurosurgeon Theodore Eller, MD, was brought in to operate on Michlin to relieve fluids that had gathered around his brain. Post surgery, he was taken to the Intensive Care Unit and soon progressed to the neurosurgery recovery floor.

“Under the watchful eye of the caring and capable staff, he continued to physically progress. Then he was moved to the rehabilitation floor to help with memory skills and walking,” said Bronstein, whose family had no previous experience with NorthShore or Evanston Hospital. She and her dad were very impressed with the care and professionalism exhibited. “Everyone from the doctors to the nurses, to the food service staff who helped her father to start eating again, were wonderful,” she said.

“Thanks to NorthShore, my dad is going to have his 90th milestone birthday on June 12,” said Bronstein. In a letter to NorthShore Foundation praising Evanston Hospital staff and offering a donation in their honor, Bronstein mentioned the names of 28 staff members who made a difference in her dad’s care. “It was top notch in every way imaginable,” she said of the experience.

“It’s amazing how something so scary as an emergency turned out so well,” she added. Michlin is feeling so much better since the March accident that he’s planning to go back to his job at a wholesale fabric company where he handles inventory for the office. “It’s inspirational,” said his daughter. “Dad has bounced back, thanks to his indomitable spirit and the wonderful treatment and care at Evanston Hospital.” 

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