NorthShore women's health staff having conversation.

Meet the NorthShore Hospitals Foundation Team

We believe in the power of philanthropy to transform the health of our community.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly and enthusiastically to serve those in need—and our goal is to connect with partners like you and match your passions to the areas that need support. We love to have conversations with our community and neighbors, so please reach out to get to know us!

  • Mona Balla

    Manager, Annual Giving


    I am honored to work alongside a wonderful team and contribute to the meaningful causes that directly impact our community, bringing me joy and allowing us all to make a real difference at NorthShore Hospitals. It’s a place where we can truly make an impact while doing what we love.

  • Kate Beckering, Assistant Vice President, Operations.

    Kate Beckering

    Assistant Vice President, Operations


    It’s inspiring to see—and be a part of—the immediate impact philanthropy can have on patient care and the wellbeing of our community. Your generosity provides ongoing support to make countless innovations possible.

  • Kate Chappell, Director, Planned Giving.

    Kate Chappell

    Director, Planned Giving


    I am proud to connect inspired, purposeful philanthropists with opportunities to support our care teams in providing personalized, compassionate healthcare for the patients and families we are privileged to serve.

  • Karen Chelin, Operations Manager.

    Karen Chelin

    Operations Manager


    NorthShore Hospitals have been serving my family for generations, and I want to do all I can to ensure that it continues to do so for many generations to come.

  • Walt Cody, Director, Philanthropy.

    Walt Cody

    Director, Philanthropy


    It’s immensely gratifying to help donors achieve their philanthropic goals. Gifts to NorthShore Hospitals Foundation improve every patient experience and enhance our ability to realize the full potential of our caregivers. Sustainable philanthropy is the cornerstone of healthy communities.

  • Karen Cone, Director, Data & Donor Services.

    Karen Cone

    Director, Data & Donor Services


    It’s wonderful to see how innovative research projects, funded by partners like you, impact our patients. From newborns in our Infant Special Care Unit to patients at our Kellogg Cancer Center, so many have benefited in our community—including my own family.

  • Kaitlin Czurylo, Manager, Annual Giving.

    Kaitlin Czurylo

    Director, Annual Giving


    It is truly amazing to see philanthropy at work every day at NorthShore Hospitals—from the highest quality care to groundbreaking research to even my own experience as a patient.

  • Krista Giuffi

    Senior Director, Communications


    It is inspiring to hear donors share their personal stories of why they support NorthShore Hospitals. Your generosity has a considerable impact on our ability to deliver community-connected care.

  • Kevin Gray

    Senior Director, Philanthropy


    Philanthropy is extremely personal—especially in healthcare, where the level of care and access to services can make a profound difference. We connect donors with areas of need, allowing them to help solve some of today’s biggest healthcare challenges. The incredible impact you have is often greater than you realize!

  • Hanna Jin

    Coordinator, Development


    Philanthropy plays an important role in providing care to patients and their families, bringing accessible and quality health services to the community, and advancing innovative research. And to be able to witness it at NorthShore Hospitals Foundation is truly inspiring!

  • Alana Kumke, Coordinator, Data & Donor Services.

    Alana Kumke

    Coordinator, Data & Donor Services


    It’s wonderful and motivating to work for an organization that serves the community in so many important healthcare areas—and to ensure that your gifts support the areas that are most significant to you.

  • Kirstin Leiby, Manager, Research.

    Kirstin Leiby

    Manager, Research


    Since we are all interdependent, every action is meaningful. NorthShore Hospitals is a community of individuals who work toward helping everyone in our communities be their best. Whether you contribute time or money toward this mission, never underestimate the importance of your gifts.

  • Dee Macey

    Manager, Donor Relations


    I am inspired by the generosity of our donor community whose gifts empower the NorthShore Hospitals to dream bigger and reach further, enhancing and advancing healthcare outcomes and access for all.

  • Danielle Maihofer

    Director, Philanthropy


    I’m proud to make meaningful connections between patients and their physicians at NorthShore Hospitals. Philanthropy has the power to accelerate research, bring comfort to patients and their families, and build essential health services for the community.

  • Agnieszka Markwalder, Manager, Data & Donor Services.

    Agnieszka Markwalder

    Manager, Data & Donor Services


    You make our mission possible. Your generosity helps us create initiatives that improve physical and mental wellness in our communities and ensures that those with limited financial resources have access to the care they need.

  • Laurie McMichael

    Director, Donor Relations


    NorthShore Hospitals’ clear commitment to the communities we serve is a true inspiration—as are partners like you who support our mission with philanthropic gifts of all sizes and purposes.

  • Janet Myers, Senior Director, Principal Giving.

    Janet Myers

    Senior Director, Principal Giving


    Every donor at NorthShore Hospitals makes a difference. What’s the power of a single gift? Just one thoughtful donation can propel innovation, speed discovery or provide the spark for a new idea that will change patient care.

  • Monica Neururer, Manager, Associate Board & Events.

    Monica Neururer

    Manager, Associate Board & Communications


    I am proud to support initiatives that provide a helping hand to those who need it most, when they most need it. Together, we strengthen the health of individual families—as well as our entire community.

  • Michelle Reich, Manager, Annual Giving & Marketing Analytics.

    Michelle Reich

    Manager, Annual Giving & Marketing Analytics


    It is a pleasure and a privilege to serve our community through our work at the NorthShore Hospitals Foundation. Philanthropy is about neighbors coming together to help neighbors to build a healthier community where we can all thrive. Every day I get to witness astounding generosity!

  • Damaris Soto, Coordinator, Data & Donor Services.

    Damaris Soto

    Coordinator, Data & Donor Services


    NorthShore Hospitals Foundation has taught me that, together, we can do so much good—and although we can’t help everyone, we can definitely help someone. Every charitable act makes a huge difference.

  • Therese Steinken

    Manager, Corporation & Foundation Relations


    It’s an honor to connect and collaborate with our external funding partners to advance mutual goals that align with NorthShore Hospitals’ mission for community-connected care. I’m proud to assist these supporters and see firsthand the difference they make.

  • Craig Thomae

    Director, Business Innovation & Analytics


  • Ashley Tsuruda

    Director, Corporation & Foundation Relations


    I’m proud to work for an exceptional healthcare system committed to supporting our patients and community. I’m inspired by the generosity of foundations and corporations to fund programs and projects that support our patients who could benefit the most.

  • Elaine Van Dusen, Manager, MRW Committees and Community Partner Events.

    Elaine Van Dusen

    Manager, MRW Committees & Community Partner Events


    It’s a pleasure working with so many in our community on a wide variety of events and fundraising ideas. Our supporters demonstrate that there is no one way to get involved at NorthShore Hospitals.

  • Brad Watkins, Senior Director, Communications.

    Brad Watkins

    Assistant Vice President, Donor Development


    I’m amazed by the spirit of people giving back. Whether it’s as simple as a kid raising money with a lemonade stand or a patient who wants to honor their physician, the act of giving back warms the heart.