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In her 20s, Elyse learned through genetic testing at NorthShore Hospitals that she had Lynch syndrome, an inherited condition that increases a person’s risk of developing certain kinds of cancer. After she got her results, Elyse turned to NorthShore Hospitals’ specialists for genetic and medical counseling, and they’ve been helping her keep a close eye on her health ever since. She’s already had several cancer screenings, and she’ll continue to be screened regularly.

The DNA-10K genetic testing pilot program that identified Elyse’s Lynch syndrome was made possible by NorthShore Hospitals Foundation’s Transformation Through Innovation Fund, which brought up a novel idea from the pilot stage into NorthShore Hospitals’ Advanced Primary Care model.

“I feel fortunate I found this out so early in life,” Elyse shared. “If I’d waited too late to do some of these screenings, I might have already had cancer.”

About the Transformation Through Innovation Fund

Established in 2018 to honor the distinguished legacy of Mark R. Neaman, NorthShore University HealthSystem’s former President, CEO, and Executive Chairman, the Transformation Through Innovation Fund combines private philanthropy with targeted institutional investment, providing an exciting match opportunity for donors. Crucial seed funding enables NorthShore Hospitals’ experts to test the scalability and sustainability of the most promising ideas, with a bold vision to define new standards of care.

Philanthropic partners like you help bring truly leading-edge health solutions, and peace of mind, to people like Elyse within our community.

The Transformation Through Innovation Fund has already delivered life-changing help to many patients and families, but innovation has no finish line. With your philanthropic partnership, NorthShore Hospitals will continue to take bold steps to define new standards of care, both now and for generations to come.

What Your Gift Can Do

Through specially developed artificial intelligence (AI), we can pinpoint social and environmental factors that might affect the health of our patients, like community safety or access to nutritious food and transportation. Identifying these factors will help us provide patients comprehensive support that extends beyond the hospital’s walls—significantly improving clinical outcomes and health experiences.

This industry-leading pilot was the first project made possible by the Transformation Through Innovation Fund. In its initial wave, NorthShore Hospitals provided genetic screening for 10,000 primary care patients, revealing each patient’s risk for hereditary cancers, cardiovascular and other disease conditions. This genetic screening also provided insights into how patients’ unique genetic makeup affected their body’s response to certain medications. The success of this project led to “Advanced Primary Care,” with NorthShore Hospitals integrating genetics into a patient’s care plan.

Using a patient’s unique DNA to establish an even more precise understanding of what medications and other treatments should be used for certain patients with metastatic cancer, the Kellogg Genomic Cancer Initiative brings an innovative approach to cancer care, one not currently available elsewhere in the Chicago area.

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Knowledge is powerful. I try to live in the moment, but I’m also grateful to be empowered to do what I can to protect my future and my family’s future.”

Sandra McPherson, DNA-10K patient

I support the Transformation Through Innovation Fund because it’s a powerful tool for NorthShore Hospitals to accelerate research, advance technology and transform patient care. As a NorthShore Hospitals employee, I feel proud to be part of this effort.”

Hasnain Habibullah, donor and employee

Transformation Through Innovation provided crucial seed funding for NorthShore Hospitals to launch the Kellogg Genomic Cancer Initiative (KGCI). This project will change the standard of cancer care and give new hope to patients. Our early progress with KGCI would not be possible without the support of our donors.”

Karen Kaul, MD, PhD, Duckworth Family Chair, Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine