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Today, the heart is in crisis. Heart disease is the world’s leading cause of death. This crisis is compounded by key challenges—an aging population, a growing number of people living with diabetes and an impending shortfall of healthcare providers.
We hold a vision for a future that confronts these challenges we face as a community—a vision that will define a new standard of care: the Endeavor Health Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) pavilion at Glenbrook Hospital in Glenview.
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Providing the highest quality
care, for years to come.

Trailblazing the future
of cardiovascular medicine.

Impacting lives across
our community and beyond.

Collaborating to treat the
most complex cases, seamlessly.

Join us as we take this
bold step forward:
for our patients
and their families,
for our caregivers,
and for the future of
cardiovascular care.

“Our vision is to be the first choice for patients, families and providers in the communities we serve for the delivery of high-quality, personal, cardiovascular care.”

Gregory Mishkel, MD, MBA

Allstate Foundation
Judson B. Branch Chair of Cardiology
Chief, Division of Cardiology
Cardiovascular Institute Co-Director

Gifts to NorthShore improve every patient experience and enhance our ability to realize the full potential of our caregivers. Sustainable philanthropy is the cornerstone of healthy communities.
Walt Cody
Director, Philanthropy



NorthShore Hospitals cares for all patients who walk through our doors, regardless of their socioeconomic status or ability to pay. When it comes to cardiovascular health, we often see patients who are uninsured, underinsured or experiencing poverty.

The Endeavor Health Cardiovascular Institute provides a new home that these patients can trust with their heart—from preventive care to lifesaving procedures.

We honor this important mission while continuing to provide innovative, best-in-class care. And it is only possible through philanthropy.



The Endeavor Health Cardiovascular Institute is the bricks and mortar that helps us recruit and retain the brightest, most talented team members—our greatest strength.

With the Institute at Glenbrook Hospital as our home base, we’ll expand our caregiver and patient education programs, including fellowships, residencies and ongoing trainings, advocacy initiatives, and simulation-based learning.

The Endeavor Health Cardiovascular Institute pavilion features state-of-the-art facilities to offer the newest techniques to elevate the patient experience, placing it at the forefront of what we do.

Everyone who walks through our doors will find the right care, no matter how complex the diagnosis may be—a testament to the power of bringing together expert specialists under one roof. The patient experience will be unlike any other, with a focus on whole person care and collaboration.

In the work of the CVI pavilion, our physicians, fellows and residents lead research teams to uncover new information about heart disease. These findings are then put to work for patients in real time. The CVI pavilion will support these research teams as they focus on clinical trials, genetics and genomics research, and harnessing the power of data.


With a strong foundation in cardiovascular care, the right team in place—and, importantly, your partnership—there is no limit to what we can accomplish at the Endeavor Health Cardiovascular pavilion at Glenbrook Hospital.

I would have missed a lot of important things in the life of my family, my kids and my grandchild had I not had such good care. I have a lot to be thankful for.
Jay Reardon
Endeavor Health Cardiovascular
Institute Patient
Patient trust means everything to us. And our patients expect that our exceptional quality of care will only get better with time. As we continue to train bright, early-career physician talent—and simultaneously adopt the latest technologies and treatments—we can exceed that expectation.
Gregory Mishkel, MD, MBA
Chief of Cardiology
Dr. Robin and the medical staff are prolonging my life. I’m so thankful and appreciative to the entire team.
Jeffrey Doman
Endeavor Health Evanston
Hospital Cardiology Patient