Melinda Abullah, NorthShore patient.

Orthopaedic & Spine Institute

What Moves You Moves Us

Melinda had always led an active lifestyle—but in recent years, severe knee pain left her barely able to walk down the stairs, let alone exercise.

After the pain became too much to bear, Melinda sought help from the Endeavor Health Orthopaedic & Spine Institute, where she was diagnosed with bone-on-bone osteoarthritis. Melinda needed a total knee replacement.

Her physician, Anand Srinivasan, MD, suggested a procedure using cementless technology—a surgical advancement made possible through the generosity of our philanthropic partners—which would extend the life of Melinda’s new knee and allow her to resume her active lifestyle.

Now, Melinda is back to leg-pressing 280 pounds on each knee without pain. “My recovery was amazing,” she recalled. “Everyone at the Institute was just great, and so was the physical therapy team. Looking back, I wondered why I let myself suffer for so long.”

About the Endeavor Health Orthopaedic & Spine Institute

Helping every patient enjoy life to its fullest—to move and live pain-free—moves us to be our best as we support people at the Endeavor Health Orthopaedic & Spine Institute.

Orthopaedic and spine disorders are the leading cause of disability and severe long-term pain for patients in the United States. Our Institute is the only one in Illinois dedicated solely to treating these conditions. Our physicians are constantly redefining standards of care and developing new technologies, as well as surgical and therapeutic techniques, to achieve some of the most outstanding patient outcomes nationwide.

Philanthropy enables us to keep innovating. Partners like you allow us to expand and equip our team of dedicated specialists whose transformational work helps our patients regain their mobility and lead healthier lives.

With your philanthropic partnership, we’ll build upon our existing strengths and greatly expand our capabilities in clinical excellence, patient experience, research and academics. Together, we’ll advance the quality of orthopaedic and spinal care available to patients from our community and beyond.

What Your Gift Can Do

We’re developing the first and only comprehensive sports medicine program in the region—caring for athletes of all ages and activity levels, and accessible to all who need us. By sharing our expertise beyond our walls, we’ll make a lasting and highly visible contribution to the health and wellbeing of our community.

With your investment, we can:

  • Design, construct and equip a two-story state-of-the-art rehabilitation space
  • Recruit the best and brightest specialists to advance sports medicine research and develop the best possible treatments for sports injuries
  • Bring athletic trainers and physicians into the community

We’re empowering our patients to focus more on getting well and less on navigating the workings of the healthcare system. Our vision includes designing and offering our patients technology-enabled, best-in-class, concierge-level care that provides comprehensive, continuous support from pre-treatment through full recovery.

With your investment, we can:

  • Speed the development and use of new technologies for coordinating, monitoring and optimizing patient care
  • Employ “wearable” technology so care teams can monitor each patient’s recovery and rehabilitation every step of the way
  • Expand our team of nurse navigators, therapists, athletic trainers and other care providers, all focused on making sure each patient enjoys a speedy recovery

We’re becoming a top-tier training destination by building on our exceptional academic partnerships and offering unparalleled learning experiences. Our goal is to attract the most accomplished faculty to teach and conduct research and the most talented residents and fellows to study and work side-by-side with them.

Our vision is to build a new orthopaedic teaching and simulation center where specialists can perfect their surgical skills and techniques, plus master new technologies, before using them in the operating room.

With your investment, we can:

  • Provide physician faculty competitive pay for teaching and research while giving them the most precious resource in academic pursuits: time
  • Attract high-profile international conferences and meetings by establishing a technologically advanced gathering space for both on-site and virtual training
  • Develop the administrative infrastructure needed to support a top-tier academic program
  • Pursue more strategic partnerships to increase the productivity and reach of our academic faculty

We’re transforming our research program by bringing together the most talented physician-scientists, researchers and fellows to develop next-generation therapies and technologies to ensure the best patient outcomes.

With your investment, we can:

  • Empower our surgeons to collaborate with fellow researchers worldwide to translate discoveries quickly and safely into new treatments and techniques
  • Recruit and retain one of the most highly skilled teams of scientists, research assistants and statisticians in the musculoskeletal specialty arena
  • Position our physician-scientists nationally as thought leaders, expert presenters and authors who make significant contributions to the global body of knowledge in musculoskeletal medicine

Ways to Give

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My sister Lorraine wanted her legacy to include supporting the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute in honor of Dr. James Kudrna, the orthopaedic physician who had been a vital partner in her husband’s care.”

Lee Scott, donor

We at the Endeavor Health Orthopaedic & Spine Institute are deeply gratified to be the recipients of NorthShore Hospitals donors’ generosity and kindness. Our world-class team achieves some of the best outcomes in the nation, but we always aim higher—whether it’s defining new standards of care or mentoring the next generation of physician-scientists. Philanthropy enables us to achieve new heights of innovation and excellence.”

Jason Koh, MD, MBA, Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery, Mark R. Neaman Family Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery

OMeGA Medical Grants Association believes orthopaedic residency and fellowship programs are foundational components of orthopaedic practice and professionalism. Through our nonconflicted philanthropy—and the philanthropy of our many industry donors—OMeGA can ensure the success and innovation of high-quality graduate medical programs, at NorthShore Hospitals and elsewhere.”

Kevin P. Black, MD, President, OMeGA Medical Grants Association