A Gift Made to Help Others

Caroline Kay Roberts

The first seizure happened as her 40-year-old husband was driving, heading downtown from the North Shore. Sitting next to him, Caroline Kay Roberts grabbed the steering wheel and maneuvered the car through six lanes of highway traffic to come to a stop on the shoulder. Luckily, a passing paramedic stopped to help as they waited for an ambulance to arrive. Arnold Roberts was diagnosed with having had a seizure—but after he recovered, he felt fine.

Years went by without symptoms, giving the illusion that the problem was over. But then the seizures returned, on and off for more than two decades, with no clear-cut diagnosis. Finally, they became more frequent, even after Arnold was put on anti-seizure medications. Finally, he was admitted to NorthShore Highland Park Hospital, and hospice, where he received palliative care until his passing.

Because her husband was a NorthShore patient, Caroline knew about the NorthShore Neurological Institute (NNI) and the research neurologists are working on to not only predict cognitive dysfunction, but also determine why seizures occur and what can be done to mitigate them. The NNI staff’s research projects include identifying the early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and other neurological diseases.

After meeting with Demetrius M. Maraganore, MD, Medical Director of the NNI, and learning more about NNI research, Caroline made a generous gift to help further the team's work. “I did this in my husband’s honor and also because I want to try and help others so they don’t have to go through what he did,” she said.

“On behalf of our multidisciplinary research staff, I want to thank Caroline for her generous support,” said Dr. Maraganore. “Gifts such as hers are vital to our continuing efforts to understand how to diagnose, treat and prevent neurological diseases and disorders.”

If you are interested in supporting NNI, please contact John Hanson, PhD, Director of Philanthropy, at 224.364.7208 or jhanson@northshore.org.

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