Dr. Gregory Mishke;

Treating Your Heart with Compassionate Care 

Everything we do at NorthShore Hospitals, we do with heart. The heart is a central organ—it powers our entire body. But more importantly, the heart is where we feel and express love to the special people in our lives. 

Whom do you trust with your heart? For many people in our community, their answer is: NorthShore Hospitals. And through our Endeavor Health Cardiovascular Institute, we are honored to care for them. It’s what we do. We save lives and help our patients heal as quickly as possible, so they can return home to the people they love.

Our expert caregivers carry out our important work every day by leveraging leading-edge technology and research to make a difference for our patients. Caregivers like Gregory Mishkel, MD, MBA, the Allstate Foundation/Judson B. Branch Chair of Cardiology and Division Chief of Cardiology, who has been passionately healing hearts for more than 30 years. 

Meet Dr. Mishkel

What inspired you to become a cardiologist? 

When I picked up my first stethoscope and held it to my own heart, it was a defining moment in my career. There’s something about a stethoscope and the ability to lay it on a patient’s chest and instantly figure out what’s going on. 

Cardiology is about so much more than treating heart disease. It requires close listening—to the heart, of course, but more importantly, to the patient.

When doctors truly partner with their patients and involve them in every aspect of the care journey, breakthroughs happen.   

What motivates you each day? 

I love doing new things. Of all the things I do in a week, seeing patients is the most enjoyable. I also think it’s important to leave a legacy. Everybody, in a way, leaves a legacy: If you have kids, they are your legacy. If you’re a teacher, your students are your legacy. If you’re a doctor, the patients you help and their families are your legacy. Making a difference—something people can remember me by down the line—that’s a driving force for me. 

What excites you about the future of the Endeavor Health Cardiovascular Institute? 

The Cardiovascular Institute will mean different things to different people at different times—whether it has to do with care, academics, research, community education or rehabilitation. As we continue to grow, the Institute will be known for our innovative and personalized care. That reputation will allow us to recruit new talent—new physicians, new residents, new fellows—to our team, helping to expand our reach and train the next generation of caregivers.

Why is medical education important? 

This is one of my passions! It’s important in so many ways. From a practical standpoint, the average age of a cardiologist in the United States is over 50. We’re going to have many doctors leaving the workforce, so it’s critical that we train the next generation of cardiologists. 

Patient trust means everything to us. And our patients expect that our exceptional quality of care will only get better with time. As we continue to train bright, early-career physician talent—and simultaneously adopt the latest technologies and treatments—we can exceed that expectation. 

Thanks to generous donors, the Foundation has made significant contributions to the Cardiovascular Institute. What would you say to community members who are interested in supporting the future of heart care in our community? 

Their generous gifts ensure that our patients receive the very best heart care today and in the future. Their impact will live on as future generations of providers use their very first stethoscope to listen, learn and care for the hearts of our community. 

Help Heal Hearts and Save Lives

We are dedicated to preventing heart disease—the number-one cause of death in the United States. But our work relies on valuable philanthropic partners and community members.  

If you’re inspired to contribute to the Cardiovascular Institute, then we invite you to join us by making a gift here. Your gift: 

  • Enables us to provide heart care to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay or where they call home. 
  • Empowers innovation by uniting the most brilliant minds in cardiology with emerging technology and breakthrough research, resulting in new treatments and positive patient outcomes. 
  • Helps patients return home to the people they love, creating more moments of joy. 

Every dollar counts and makes a difference in the future of heart health—thank you.