When Innovation Inspires
Philanthropic Investment

Murray Ancell

Murray Ancell, NorthShore Foundation’s Executive Director, is excited and inspired by the Transformation Through Innovation Fund, a philanthropic seed fund unveiled by NorthShore in 2018 to honor Mark R. Neaman, Life Director, retired Executive Chairman of the Board, and longtime NorthShore President and Chief Executive Officer. This vital funding resource enables significant early-stage investment in initiatives that demonstrate the potential for patients to enjoy better clinical outcomes and truly differentiated healthcare experiences at NorthShore.

Ancell made his family’s gift by converting a portion of his term life insurance to a whole-life policy, making NorthShore both owner and beneficiary of the new policy. He continues to pay the annual premiums, which will generate income tax deductions for his family. He also continues to support NorthShore’s mission through other donations.

“This is a way of giving to NorthShore in the future that doesn’t impact my current situation or family security, and the benefit to NorthShore patients and the field of healthcare will be far greater than my cost of making the gift,” Ancell commented. At the age of 49, Ancell hopes the gift will not be realized by NorthShore for many years, but he has complete confidence that “NorthShore will always strive to lead the way in transformation and innovation.” He smiled and added, “I can’t begin to imagine the possible advances in healthcare and quality of life that will be in practice at NorthShore when my family’s gift is eventually received!”

If you’d like to learn more about the Transformation Through Innovation Fund, including information on gift eligibility for a current NorthShore match, please email philanthropy@northshore.org or call 224.364.7200. For more information on planned giving vehicles—such as bequests, insurance, trusts and annuities—please contact Kathleen Chappell, JD, Director of Planned Giving, at 224.364.7211 or email her at kchappell@northshore.org.


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