Volunteers Make Blankets for Babies
The Spirit of Holiday Giving Thrives

Infant Special Care Unit nurses Zoe Lasky (left) and Jeanette Corbo

During the recent holiday season, volunteers were busy making blankets for babies in the Infant Special Care Unit (ISCU) at NorthShore Evanston Hospital.

The Associate Board of NorthShore, a volunteer group of young professionals in their 20s and 30s, gathered to make covers for the isolettes, which are used to keep the babies warm, said Zoe Lasky, a Registered Nurse in the ISCU and a volunteer liason to the Associate Board. A group of about 30 men and women took on the task at the group’s holiday party.

The isolette covers are colorful and cheery and they serve to keep the isolette dark and quiet to mimic a baby inside his mother’s womb, said Lasky. “Many of the babies are too small to maintain their own temperature so the isolettes keep them warm so they can focus on gaining weight and learning how to eat,” said Lasky, who estimates there are 35 to 45 babies on average in the ISCU at any one time.

As liason to the Associate Board, Lasky tries to pass on information to other staff in the unit about what the Associate Board is working on. She also gives tours to new members of the volunteer group so they get a real feel for how their fundraising dollars are used by visiting the unit. “That is my favorite part because the members can see the small infants and what a difference their volunteer work is making.”

The Associate Board recently held their annual benefit and raised $65,000 to support the Department of Pediatrics and ISCU. They have funded several research projects, including one on Cerebral Palsy and another on Neonatal Social Work. Volunteers also support the Associate Board Emergency Family Fund to provide vital assistance to families of children in the ISCU who are struggling to actively parent their hospitalized infant due to severe economic difficulties. To date, the Associate Board has raised more than $500,000 to support several worthy initiatives at NorthShore. To learn more, please visit foundation.northshore.org/associateboard.

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