The Power of 10 Cents


How can one dime possibly make a difference in the lives of NorthShore’s cancer patients?

Multiplied many times over, it adds up to a generous contribution to care for NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center patients who are receiving support services in stress reduction and nutrition counseling, as well as support groups and patient education. Charitable support also assists to cover a variety of other challenges patients face during diagnosis and treatment and in recovery.

Whole Foods Market and Kellogg Cancer Center recently teamed up to create an easy way for grocery shoppers to support cancer patients at NorthShore. Through Whole Foods Market’s “One Dime at a Time” program, shoppers were able to direct a 10-cent-per-bag credit to Kellogg Cancer Center for each reusable bag used during a three-month period at three area store locations. At the end of the appeal, the program had raised $8,000 to fund cancer support services. 

“This program has been a great example of how philanthropic donations of all sizes impact the patients we serve every day,” said Lisa Rietmann, Director of Philanthropy at NorthShore Foundation. “Our effort was a good way to engage with our community and be a good partner to NorthShore,” added Kristin Steinbach, Senior Marketing Specialist for Whole Foods Market.

Charitable donations are an important source of funding for support services, which are offered free to all cancer patients. If you would like to learn more about how you can support NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center, contact Lisa Rietmann, Director of Philanthropy, at or 224.364.7230.

Click here to make a donation. 

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