Patient Finds Joy in Giving Back

 Marilyn Pearlman with her late husband Sidney

It was 1980, recalls Marilyn Pearlman, when her husband took ill and spent 12 weeks in NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) Skokie Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, only to require more care and a year off before he could return to work. Two years later, he had more health issues and both times his physician, Abraham Chervony, MD, pulled him back to life, said Pearlman. “Abe called my husband his miracle patient.”

The Pearlmans’ supported a campaign in the early 1990’s for an endowed chair named for their late doctor, donating funds to honor their long-time physician who had become their friend over the years. While still practicing, Dr. Chervony suggested they form a relationship with William R. Kehoe, MD, as their independent practitioner and the Pearlmans did just that. For two decades, they were dedicated patients.

“When my husband Sidney died four years ago, Dr. Kehoe was so kind and compassionate,” said Pearlman. “He’s seen me through back and hip surgery and he’s everything you want in your doctor.” Over the years, the Pearlmans continued to donate to a fund for academic medical education and more recently, the unrestricted patient care fund.

“We were both loyal patients of Skokie Hospital for many years,” said Pearlman. “It’s important to give back to a place that’s given so much to my family.” Pearlman said she hopes her devotion to NorthShore will inspire other people to donate to the program area of their choice.

“The hospital has been good to us and it has many needs to keep up with modernization, new equipment and medical advancements. There are so many ways to help,” said Pearlman, who recently made a trip to an open house at NorthShore Skokie Hospital so she could see for her own eyes the improvements that have been made in the last few years. “I live in Long Grove, so it’s a trip for me, but I enjoy seeing the improvements that have been made. Donating to Skokie Hospital is just a part of my heart.”

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