Nurse and Mom Finds Time To Help

Katie Linn, NorthShore employee and volunteer

Katie Linn is a working mom with two young energetic boys aged 2 and 4 but she still finds time to volunteer at NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore), where she works as an Registered Nurse in the Department of Urology at NorthShore’s Glenbrook Hospital.

Last year, she joined The Auxiliary at Evanston & Glenbrook Hospitals to support the mission of the group, a fundraising organization of volunteers providing service and community awareness for NorthShore’s hospitals and programs. Her husband, John Linn, MD, is a surgeon in the NorthShore Medical Group. The family moved back to the area about two years ago.

“Being a nurse, The Auxiliary works to raise funds that ultimately support our patients and that appeals to me a lot,” said Linn. “Plus, it’s a good way to meet people, network and support my husband and his work at NorthShore. I am looking forward to helping with this year’s Gala on June 14 that will support the NorthShore Center for Simulation and Innovation.”

All NorthShore Auxiliaries work year round on projects to raise funds and garner community support for NorthShore and are always looking for new members to become involved.

Last June, Linn, 32 and a marathon runner, supported The Hospitals’ Gala, soliciting donors for the ad book, and she helped set up the morning of the big event. “I was trying to spread the word about the good work that’s done at all of the hospitals. It’s inspiring and it’s something positive to be a part of and feel good about,” she adds. “I’m also working on recruiting other women; I would like to get some of my peers involved.”

If you would like to learn more about volunteering through NorthShore’s Auxiliaries, please contact us at 224.364.7270 or for more information.

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