NorthShore Names New Davis Family Chair

Pictured L to R: Mark R. Neaman, President and Chief Executive Officer, NorthShore University HealthSystem; William Davis; Mahalakshmi Halasyamani, MD; Judith Davis; Percy L. Berger, Sr., Chairman of the Board.

Early in her medical career, Mahalakshmi (“Lakshmi”) Halasyamani, MD, never thought she would be embracing a position at NorthShore that would have her leading a systemwide effort to provide even better, truly tailored, interventions for patients.

“As I came up through different organizations, I noticed systemwide problems that provided the opportunity to do a better job,” said Dr. Halasyamani. “I still work with medical residents and see patients, and I’m convinced that NorthShore’s expertise and electronic medical records, combined with scientific advances in the practice of medicine, present opportunities for innovation and transformation in this organization at this time.”

Joining NorthShore in 2016 in the expanded role of Chief Quality & Transformation Officer, Dr. Halasyamani was recently named to the Davis Family Chair, a very generous endowed gift from William and Judith Davis of Winnetka. An endowed chair represents the highest level of prestige at academic medical institutions, with its recipients focusing on excellence in care, research and medical education.

William (“Bill”) Davis joined NorthShore’s Board of Directors in 1998 and worked with other directors to adopt the move from paper to electronic medical records across the entire system. That commitment put the institution at the forefront of healthcare technology, also leading to the creation of a large database that NorthShore physicians and researchers now use to better identify how to treat the individual based on innovative clinical analytics.

“NorthShore is able to design new processes that lead to desired outcomes,” said Davis, now a Life Director of NorthShore. “Judy and I are gratified to be involved in, and supportive of, Dr. Halasyamani’s exciting vision. This organization’s leadership is so enthusiastic about the future, and how we can apply data analytics to transforming clinical care. It opens up a whole new world.”

Dr. Halasyamani considers three important pieces to connecting and improving desired outcomes at NorthShore. “We need to better understand the population served, build tailored treatment plans for each and every patient, and actively engage our patients—and their families—in talking about their lives outside of the hospital or medical office so barriers to better outcomes can be minimized or removed,” said Dr. Halasyamani. She comments that she is “incredibly humbled and grateful” to be the holder of the esteemed Davis Family Chair and “in a transformative role that has the overwhelming support of the organization.”   

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