Teen Donates $2,000 Machine to Kellogg Cancer Center for Bar Mitzvah Project

Ryan Josephson donates DynaMap machine in memory of his late grandmother

Supporting a cause that holds personal significance while giving back to the community is a tradition observed by many young men and women during their bar or bat mitzvah. Thirteen-year-old Ryan Josephson of Vernon Hills engaged in this tradition as he marked this religious occasion. The young man raised $2,000 to purchase a DynaMap blood pressure monitoring machine for NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) Kellogg Cancer Center at NorthShore Highland Park Hospital

Ryan dedicated his bar mitzvah project to the memory of his late grandmother, Susan Josephson, who battled cancer. He organized community members to support the cause with a car wash fundraiser, and many cars lined up for a scrub-down to help Ryan meet his $2,000 goal. After the car wash, donations from the community continued to come in to support his great cause.

“For my mitzvah project, I wanted to contribute something that the staff at NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center can use every day. My family tells me I’m a lot like my grandma, and I wanted to do something to honor her,” said Ryan. “With this donation, I was not only honoring my late grandmother, but I was also able to impact the lives of future patients by donating an important medical device that will be used regularly by the staff to help treat patients.”    

The DynaMap blood pressure monitoring device chosen by Ryan is used to measure patients’ blood pressure, pulse and pulse oximetry. Accurate blood pressure measurement is important for the detection and treatment of a variety of ailments. This specific machine was chosen after speaking with Martha Wallace, Clinical Nurse Manager at Highland Park Hospital’s Kellogg Cancer Center, who identified this piece of equipment as an asset that would provide an exceptional patient care experience. 

Recently, Ryan had the opportunity to present a check for $2,000 to Matthew Adess, MD, Medical Director of Kellogg Cancer Center at Highland Park Hospital. “We are delighted to accept this gift from Ryan in memory of his grandmother,” said Dr. Adess. “We look forward to using the machine regularly with our patients and continuing to work toward providing quality care for patients.” 




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