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Ray Luth and his wife, Dr. Maryhelen Hagge

Ray Luth and his wife, Dr. Maryhelen Hagge

For each of the last five years, Ray Luth of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has donated $10,000 in his father’s honor to his alma mater, the NorthShore University HealthSystem School of Nurse Anesthesia.

The Robert Luth Memorial Scholarship supports second year students who demonstrate outstanding performance in NorthShore’s Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) program and sponsors  students to travel to Honduras on medical missions to assist in surgeries for the underserved population there.  Part of Luth’s donation also goes to faculty members for their continuing education.

“It’s a great program and an honor to support the school and invest in our profession’s future,” say Luth, who has been a CRNA at Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa for the past 14 years.  “I am lucky that this profession has been so good to me and I’m able to help,” said Luth. “We have to remember where we came from and pay it forward.” CRNAs often work as a team with an anesthesiologist, especially in metropolitan areas, said Luth.  In smaller markets, the CRNA works alone assisting the surgical team.

Bernadette T. Roche, Administrative Director of NorthShore’s School of Nurse Anesthesia, said she has known Luth since he was a nursing student graduate in the late 1970s. He graduated from the Ravenswood Hospital Medical Center School of Nurse Anesthesia in 1986, prior to the school’s move to NorthShore in 2001. The School now has 63 students enrolled (a 50 percent increase since moving to NorthShore) and 12 clinical sites, said Roche. The School offers a Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia in cooperation with DePaul University’s School of Nursing and is transitioning to a Doctor of Nursing practice in 2013.

“With Ray’s donation and gifts from alumni, we’re able to offer program enrichment,” said Roche, who hopes to be able to continue to fund medical missions to poor countries as part of the school’s curriculum. She will return to Honduras with a CRNA instructor and two senior anesthesia students in January.  “Ideally, we’d like to send two students every two months instead of once or twice a year,” said Roche. 

 For more information on NorthShore’s School of Nurse Anesthesia, contact either Bernadette Roche at or Walt Cody, Director of Philanthropy, at

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