NorthShore Initiative Offers Look into Patients’ Genetic Makeup

With the help of philanthropic support, NorthShore’s Mark R. Neaman Center for Personalized Medicine and Color, a genomics technology company, have partnered to pilot a program that incorporates advanced genomics into routine primary care practice and helps patients understand their risks for heart disease and hereditary cancers. Known as “DNA10K,” this unique initiative will engage more than 10,000 patients and will be the largest known primary care-based genomics program in the United States. 

Charitable donations to NorthShore funded an earlier pilot with 1,000 patients, paving the way for this new project. Generous philanthropy will also be integral to NorthShore, launching this new, large-scale, pilot in April.

DNA10K will build on NorthShore's years of expertise in genomics and electronic medical records information while providing access to Color's clinical-grade genetic testing and whole genome sequencing to inform patients about their risk for certain hereditary conditions. These insights will help NorthShore personalize care for each patient to support improved outcomes, prevention and overall health. 

In addition to their NorthShore primary care provider, participating patients will also have access to board-certified genetic counselors and clinical pharmacists from Color and NorthShore. This collaborative group can help interpret test results and develop personalized risk and screening guidelines to better inform care throughout a patient’s life. 

“NorthShore is committed to enhancing our connection to the patients and families we serve,” said J.P. Gallagher, President and Chief Executive Officer of NorthShore. “Our experience and expertise in genomic medicine allow us to bring a greater level of understanding and new insight, which leads to deeper and more powerful patient relationships, better outcomes and informed preventive actions for the individual and family.”

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