A Message of Thanks

Thank you for your involvement and interest in Philanthropy Perspectives over the past decade. From modest beginnings, NorthShore Foundation’s e-newsletter has grown to where we are today, with more than 225,000 people receiving inspiring stories of gratitude and giving to their email inbox every two months. We hope you’ve felt as informed and inspired when reading through the past 60 issues as we did putting each newsletter together for you. A special thanks to the many donors who have allowed us to feature the story behind their very personal reason for making a gift to NorthShore. Thanks also to the physicians, nurses, researchers and administrators who have taken the time to help us highlight and explain the very real need for philanthropy in everything we do on behalf of the patients we are so privileged to serve each and every day.

At NorthShore, we strive to be donor-centric in all we do, and we never assume success—we ask people to tell us how we’re doing! Last year, we conducted an extensive research study with more than 4,500 respondents—donors and patients—providing feedback on a wide range of NorthShore’s philanthropic communications. While we received a lot of very positive feedback, a key takeaway for us is that people are looking for new and different ways to learn about the need for, and impact of, their giving to NorthShore. We listened. We learned. We’re taking action. To better serve and inspire our NorthShore donor family, we’re going to use this learning opportunity to design even more compelling content delivered in ways that are more convenient and appealing to more people. We’re excited about the possibilities for sharing some truly incredible stories of support and potentially impactful giving opportunities with you in the future, and our work has already begun.

As a result, this issue of Philanthropy Perspectives will be our last. Although we’ll no longer be publishing this newsletter, we’ll continue to share heartwarming donor stories and game-changing support opportunities with you over email and through social media in the coming months. We look forward to rolling out our new and improved communications later this year.

Again, thank you for your readership—and thank you to all who choose to make a gift to NorthShore. You truly are making a positive difference in people’s lives.


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