Lasting Long-Distance Relationship
with NorthShore

John P. McMahon, MD (left) with Selma Carton and Murray Ancell, Executive Director of NorthShore Foundation

For 35 years, Selma Carton has been an appreciative patient, donor and friend to now-retired NorthShore neurologist John P. McMahon, MD. Although a native and current resident of Baltimore, Maryland, Carton was treated in Evanston by Dr. McMahon following a medical emergency while visiting her sister in 1982. That trip ended up including a month-long inpatient stay at NorthShore Evanston Hospital and two additional months in speech and rehabilitation therapy.

Carton was so impressed with the remarkable care she experienced that she still boards a plane for the 1,400-mile roundtrip to receive an annual NorthShore checkup with primary care and specialist physicians. She was also incredibly grateful for Dr. McMahon’s expertise, and that of his colleagues, inspiring her to establish a fund to honor her doctor and support a research fellow. The charitable remainder trust will benefit the academic and research needs of the Department of Neurology. In addition, Carton has named NorthShore the sole beneficiary of the remainder of her estate.

Dr. McMahon still visits his former patient and longtime friend, who just turned 94, to celebrate her birthday each October. “Mrs. Carton is an extraordinary, generous and visionary woman who has made marvelous contributions to NorthShore,” said Dr. McMahon. “Her generosity will allow NorthShore to significantly further the excellent patient medical care and cutting-edge research of the NorthShore Neurological Institute.”

For information and assistance with planned giving for NorthShore, contact Kathleen Chappell, JD, Director of Planned Giving, at 224.364.7211 or

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