Cancer Patient Grateful for His Care

NorthShore Patient Howard Felix

Earlier this year, Howard Felix, 63, was diagnosed with lymphoma. A self-proclaimed “doer,” he underwent chemotherapy and radiation at NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center, while missing just a handful of his daily workouts at the gym. “It’s important to stay busy,” said Felix, who is in the financial services business for a large New York firm. “It’s not like me to be passive.”

In appreciation for the care he received at Kellogg Cancer Center, he recently made a generous gift to the Kellogg Cancer Center General Fund, which supports programs and services—including NorthShore’s Psychosocial Oncology Program. By supporting the program, physicians and nurses can offer help for cancer patients who might need counseling, coping strategies, transportation assistance, supportive check-ins during treatment, financial advisors and advocates, support groups and information about other programs at NorthShore. “It’s important to continue a quality experience for all patients,” said Felix.

“My healthcare team consisted of oncologists, radiologists, and nursing and physician staff, and they all talked and coordinated my care,” said Felix. “I had first-class treatment.” Not long ago, Felix made a separate gift to the Podolsky Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund after a friend and neighbor passed away from the disease.

Felix said he believes in being philanthropic himself and hopes his belief, “which equates the true nature of happiness with giving to others,” is passed down to his son and nieces and nephews. “They all have enough stuff,” he said of his family. “Whether they celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, I make a donation to the charity they’ve researched, after they convince me the money will have an impact.”

“It all makes me feel pretty good to support organizations that make an impact like Kellogg Cancer Center,” said Felix, who believes he is setting a giving path for his family and friends to follow. “I’m grateful and lucky,” he said. “Now, I just have blood tests at Kellogg Cancer Center every three months to make sure I’m okay.”

For more information on supporting Kellogg Cancer Center, and making a difference in the lives of others, please contact Lisa Rietmann at 224.364.7230 or or visit

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