NorthShore Foundation Sets Goal to Advance Research

Advance Cures and Discoveries

Medical research at NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) traces back to the 1920s, when doctors set up laboratories in whatever space they could find. Most laboratory facilities at that time were housed in a little frame cottage and because there was no heat, research could be conducted only during the summer months.

Despite this relatively primitive environment by today’s standards, two research studies from that decade resulted in major medical breakthroughs, bringing international acclaim to Evanston Hospital (the original hospital in the NorthShore system). The first was the development of a toxin for the prevention of scarlet fever by husband-and-wife physician team George F. and Gladys Dick. The second was the development of the whooping cough vaccine by Louis W. Sauer, MD.

That nearly century-old tradition of advancing cures and discoveries continues to improve the lives of patients and their families at NorthShore. Based upon National Institutes of Health Awards, NorthShore holds the #1 ranking in the state of Illinois and top-10 ranking in the United States among comprehensive, independent research hospitals.  

NorthShore houses approximately 1,000 active clinical trials focusing on a wide range of conditions, has more than 100 million records of care stored in its data warehouse, and is ranked as one of the top two institutions in the United States in clinical informatics, the scientific discipline that seeks to apply information technology to enhance patient care.

NorthShore is well poised to build upon its already impressive national reputation in advancing medical research, said Murray Ancell, Executive Director of NorthShore Foundation, in announcing an initiative to raise $30 million over the next three years to support leading-edge research across the organization.

“Just as our rich history demonstrates, investment in research at NorthShore is an investment in human potential,” said Ancell. “Reaching this level of support will empower researchers at NorthShore to forge new medical frontiers, cure challenging diseases and improve patient outcomes. The Foundation’s goal is to raise funds to help advance cures and discoveries and really make a significant difference in people’s lives,” he said.

With the help of charitable support, the Foundation hopes to raise $30 million in the next three years, said Ancell, who invites friends of NorthShore to join in the effort. “We’re talking about supporting an enriched quality of life for the patients and families who entrust us with their care and the skilled and compassionate clinician-scientists who treat them.”

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