Grateful Patient Honors Her Doctor

 Dr. David J. Knudtson

It wasn’t until Laura Capizzano found her NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) physician, David J. Knudtson, MD, FACP, that she was finally properly diagnosed and began to receive treatment for a rare and debilitating autoimmune disease. “I spent a whole year in another health care system without getting any answers while my health deteriorated,” said Capizzano, who was so elated with her new NorthShore doctor, found three years ago, that she recently recognized him with a gift in honor of National Doctors’ Day.

“My family has always used the hospitals in the NorthShore system,” said Capizzano, 47, “but when I moved to Palatine, I strayed away from my roots. Now I’m back ‘home’ at NorthShore.” Her physician, Dr. Knudtson, is a senior attending physician in internal medicine and on faculty at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine.

“When I found Dr. Knudtson, he immediately went into action with testing and referring me to his colleagues when he needed to. He always told me if he couldn’t help, he would find someone who could.” He referred Capizzano to a pulmonologist, a rheumatologist and other specialists, “but he is grand central, in charge of my dream team,” said Capizzano of the doctor who she says is modest, with a capital “M.”

 “I remember doctors making house calls when I was a child, and Dr. Knudtson is that kind of doctor. I’m extremely grateful for all the time and care he has given me. They broke the mold with him because he’s so resourceful, energetic, peaceful and open and receptive to a patient being a part of the medical team.” 

Her gift will go toward autoimmune disease research. She said the intentions behind her story were to highlight her “wonderful” physician and at the same time, encourage patients to seek medical attention when their bodies call them to do so. 

"It is humbling being part of a person's care and I take it very seriously,” said Dr. Knudtson. “NorthShore has an excellent group of physicians. Without them, I would not have been able to provide such great care for Laura."

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