Dale’s Heart Journey: A Second Chance at Life 

When Dale Behm thought he might be having a heart attack last May, there was no question about where he’d receive his care: at a NorthShore hospital. You see, his wife, Patricia, worked for NorthShore for more than 20 years. 

Once at NorthShore Highland Park Hospital, the couple found the emergency team to be kind, attentive and efficient. They kept Patricia informed every step of the way. 

I can’t put into words how good the NorthShore team is. I used to be a paramedic, so I appreciated seeing how they operate—I love them.”  – Dale Behm

After receiving care for his heart attack, Dale went back to his physically demanding job working outside on roadways. But without full rehabilitation, he continued to struggle with fatigue and dehydration. Both his cardiologist and primary care provider gave Dale the same advice: Slow down and focus on your weekly cardiac rehabilitation sessions.

Despite living more than an hour from Highland Park Hospital, Dale and Patricia regularly made the drive for Dale’s recovery treatments and follow-up appointments. 

I made this drive for more than two decades, and I’ll keep doing it, knowing that we’ll receive incredible, holistic care that we can’t find anywhere else.” – Patricia Behm

Dale is now well on his way to recovery and motivated by his family and the chance to create more lasting memories. 

If it hadn’t been for NorthShore, I might not be here to spend time with my grandkids,” said Dale. 

You Can Make More Lasting Memories for Loved Ones Possible 

In recent years, NorthShore has emerged as a leader in cardiovascular medicine. We’re on a mission to continue advancing our heart care through innovative research, leading-edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities, like our new Cardiovascular Institute pavilion on the NorthShore Glenbrook Hospital campus.  

If you’re inspired to contribute to the Cardiovascular Institute, we invite you to join us by making a gift. Every gift large or small makes a difference in the lives of community members like Dale.