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This device has been a lifesaver in no uncertain terms. I have regained my life—embracing everything from being able to exercise to walking to the store and carrying home a bag of groceries—things that would have been inconceivable before. ~Jamie Trecker, 45, free from epileptic seizures for almost a year after being treated with Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), a unique treatment for intractable epilepsy.

VNS treatment from NorthShore helped curb Jamie Trecker's epilepsy

NorthShore Neurological Institute (NNI) is a multispecialty system of care where the most advanced technology and clinical integration are available to treat neurological conditions. NNI not only provides access to innovative medical and surgical interventions but also invests resources in clinical education and leading-edge clinical research.

NNI is co-led by Medical Director Demetrius M. Maraganore, MD, the Ruth Cain Ruggles Chair of Neurology, and Surgical Director Julian E. Bailes, MD, the Arlene and Marshall Bennett and Joseph A. Tarkington, MD, Chair of Neurosurgery. Their faculty of more than 50 physicians includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, and physiatrists. These physicians provide superior service, accessibility and care coordination through collaboration and multidisciplinary programs, including: brain tumors, clinical neurophysiology, epilepsy, general neurology, headache, memory disorders, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, neurogenetics, neuromuscular disorders, neuro-spine disorders, pain services, sleep disorders and stroke.

“The breadth and the depth of knowledge at NorthShore Neurological Institute positions us as a destination center for any and all brain and spine conditions, including the most complex cases,” said Dr. Maraganore. “The mission of NorthShore Neurological Institute is to be the preeminent neurological and neurosurgical practice in the Chicago area and the surrounding region, offering outstanding clinical care and education, and serving as national leaders in clinical research.”

The Future of Neurological Care

The DodoNa Project
The World Health Organization states that one in six people will be affected by a brain disorder. “The DodoNa Project: DNA Prediction to Improve Neurological Health” is visionary research at NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) aiming to predict, prevent and halt disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, brain tumors and multiple sclerosis. In ancient Greece, leaders would visit oracles to obtain predictions of the future. At Dodona, the oldest oracle, priestesses would interpret the rustling of leaves of a sacred oak tree to determine the correct actions to take. Today, the physician-scientists at NorthShore led by Dr. Maraganore at NorthShore can develop methods to interpret subtle variations in DNA, the “tree of life,” to predict outcomes and determine the correct actions for our patients.

Clinical Research Fellowship
For more than 30 years, Nicholas A. Vick, MD, taught hundreds of medical students, residents, fellows and faculty the science and practice of clinical neurology. Many of his students became national and international leaders and thousands of patients benefited directly and indirectly from the care that he and his students provided. Dr. Vick created the Department of Neurology at NorthShore, which he chaired through 2009. He also founded one of the first brain tumor programs in the nation. Under his leadership, NorthShore’s Department of Neurology emerged as one of the largest and most respected in the region.

To honor Dr. Vick’s career, and in recognition of his excellence in clinical research and teaching, NorthShore is inaugurating the Nicholas A. Vick Honorary Clinical Research Fellowship. When funded, NorthShore will annually conduct a national search to appoint one neurology residency graduate as a clinical research fellow jointly in the Departments of Neurology at NorthShore and the University of Chicago. The applicants will select a fellowship in one of 11 neurology programs. The Fellowship will perpetuate the legacy of clinical research and teaching excellence of its namesake. In order to support this fellowship, NorthShore has a goal of raising $1,275,000. Upon completion of this $1,275,000 goal, NorthShore will receive a challenge grant of $225,000 from an anonymous donor. The $1.5 million endowment will support one fellow each year, in perpetuity.

Making a Difference through Philanthropy

Jamie Trecker “regained his life” thanks to the collaboration of world-renowned neurologists and neurosurgeons—and philanthropic support—that improves patient care and advances scientific discoveries.

Philanthropic support is critical to spur innovation in neurological and neurosurgical care. Gifts can be made to separate neurological or neurosurgical research endowment funds. Through the research and innovation supported by these gifts, NorthShore Neurological Institute will emerge as the nation’s leader in neurology and neurosurgery.

To learn more about how you can support the NorthShore Neurological Institute and its related programs, please contact Nicole Brennan, Director, Annual Fund, at (224) 364-7210 or make an online contribution and together we will achieve our goals.

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