Thank You for Your Support

Your support brings amazing advances to our everyday lives—from developing a pill to prevent ovarian cancer to using health information technology to create specific, personalized interventions for individual patients.

The impact of your generosity is felt every day at NorthShore in immeasurable ways. You give NorthShore the flexibility to pursue unexpected opportunities and provide comprehensive healthcare to patients. Here are some examples of the impact your kindness makes on the lives of others. The following reports contain some examples of the ways your support positively impacts NorthShore’s patients and their families.

Personalized Medicine

At the Mark R. Neaman Center for Personalized Medicine, we are transforming the practice of medicine. Our expert team of physician-researchers, computer scientists, statisticians, programmers and clinicians is advancing and discovering innovative and exciting new ways to treat patients, each and every day. The field of personalized medicine is rapidly evolving. Philanthropy plays a key role in providing funding for the needed staff, equipment and constantly changing technology needed to implement this initiative, which truly is changing the field of medicine as we know it. Thank you.

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Area of Greatest Need

Your unrestricted giving allows NorthShore to support the areas of greatest need across the organization, where they have the most profound impact for our patients and their families. Your generosity provides us with the flexibility to pursue unforeseen opportunities as they arise, and to sustain excellence in our diverse healthcare programs and services. Learn more about the positive impact you have made.

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NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center

By donating to NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center, you help provide much needed support to cancer patients and their families. Philanthropy plays a vital role in every aspect of patient care including psychosocial services, cancer research and clinical trials, nutrition counseling, and cancer survivorship programming.

Thank you for your generous support of our patients. We invite you to learn more about the positive impact you have made by reading our latest impact report.

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The 1891 Society

Planned gifts such as bequests, estates, trusts and wills can cure challenging diseases and improve patient outcomes. Many 1891 Society Donors create generous legacy gifts to enhance and sustain programs at NorthShore that benefited themselves and their families. They hope to ensure that future patients and their families will experience the same life-changing care. Learn more about their experiences and hopes.

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