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The equipment we have replicates what many [patients] will encounter when they go home. This philanthropic gift helps us do a better job of helping our patients. We’re very grateful to the A.D. Johnson Foundation.
~ Miledones Eliades, MD, and physiatrist at NorthShore Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

NorthShore’s Rehabilitation staff supports patients through memory, cognitive and physical dexterity activities

Corporate and Foundation support is vital to NorthShore. Philanthropic investments from institutional friends are part of the transformation that makes a real difference in people's lives. Corporate and Foundation support helps NorthShore create novel clinical care programs, attract internationally recognized physicians, acquire state-of-the-art equipment, provide outreach in the community and train the next generation of caregivers.

For more information about Corporate and Foundation giving, contact Kevin Gray, Senior Director, Fund Development, at 224.364.7230.

For requests about corporate sponsorships of community initiatives and marketing opportunities, please contact Jessica Obiala at 847.570.5247.

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