Ideas for Your Community Partner Event

We’re grateful to everyone who wishes to organize fundraising events in support of NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore). Please contact Elaine Van Dusen at 847.926.5003 or to discuss your event, and brainstorm with you for your Community Partner Event.

Here are a few ideas:

Cocktail or Dinner Party
Throw a cocktail or dinner party at your home or ask a local bar or restaurant to donate a percentage of the night’s profits to NorthShore. Include a raffle or auction to increase revenue.

Themed Party
Turn the Oscars, the Kentucky Derby, or poker night into fundraisers for NorthShore.

Sporting Event
Transform your weekly pick-up game into a fundraising tournament to benefit NorthShore. Ask teams to pay a registration fee, and request sponsorships from local companies. Create special jerseys for the day that include your sponsors’ logos.

Car Wash
Plan a date and reserve space to host a car wash. A school or church parking lot may do the trick. Recruit volunteers to help do the washing, and promote the event to your local community members.

Chili Cook-Off
Recruit a number of individuals interested in putting their chili to the test. Have attendees make a donation in order to cast a vote for their favorite chili.

Gift Wrapping
During the holiday season, find a place where you can wrap gifts. Holiday shoppers make donations to NorthShore in exchange for gift wrapping.

Donations in Lieu of Wedding, Anniversary or Birthday Gifts
Ask your guests to donate to NorthShore in lieu of gifts.

Classroom Fundraising Activities
Are you a teacher or a member of your school’s parent-teacher association? Teach children about the importance and impact of philanthropy. Initiate change-collection contests or plan a read-a-thon. Allow students to come up with their own creative fundraising concepts to support NorthShore.

Shopping Event
Work with a local retail store to host a shopping night, and have the store donate a percentage of all sales from the event to NorthShore.

Garage Sale
Organize a neighborhood garage sale, and donate the proceeds to NorthShore.

Board Game Tournament
Put teams together to play games such as Sorry, Bunco, or Clue, and charge an entry fee to individuals taking part.

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