The New Simbulance: Where Ambulance and Simulation Meet

NorthShore has taken community outreach to the next level.

The Grainger Center for Simulation and Innovation’s new “Simbulance”—a custom-built ambulance equipped for immersive simulation and hands-on learning—was unveiled in September 2021 at all NorthShore hospitals. The vehicle was generously donated by Superior Ambulance Service with help from the Herbert Kirst Emergency Intervention and Education Fund. These new learning-and-outreach tools on wheels offer everything from hands-on CPR, stroke and EpiPen education to EMS training by our local fire and emergency departments.

“Such an innovative educational tool is making an impact on all our NorthShore campuses and the communities we serve,” said Walt Cody, Director, Philanthropy at NorthShore University HealthSystem Foudnation.

Empowering Our Communities

NorthShore has been a proud leader in medical simulation since 2002 and opened the state-of-the-art Grainger Center for Simulation and Innovation in 2014, thanks to The Grainger Foundation’s very generous commitment.

As health systems nationwide become more technologically advanced, NorthShore has made medical simulation a priority. Our partnership with Superior Ambulance to develop the Simbulance, which is a custom-outfitted Type 3 ambulance, gives our healthcare providers the clinical setting and special manikins they need to sharpen their skills in a safe environment—allowing them to continue delivering outstanding care.

But the Simbulance isn’t just for healthcare providers. During a recent visit, Evanston Township High School students received some training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic life support. Other training opportunities include a virtual reality experience aimed at preventing distracted driving due to things like texting. There’s even a training tool focused on eliminating the fear of seeking health services by livestreaming with the hospital in an emergency, showing trainees what to expect.

Thanks to a sustaining gift from the Herbert Kirst Emergency Intervention and Education Fund, we’ll use these same teaching tools to drive better healthcare to empower our communities to attain better health outcomes.