A Special Place, Filled with Special People

Every year, nearly 4,000 uninsured or underinsured patients walk through our doors at the NorthShore Community Health Center (CHC). Some are parents caring for their children without basic supplies and necessities. Some are experiencing homelessness, facing each day without a safe space to land. Some are grieving a loss or suffering from trauma without support. And some have recently immigrated to the United States, bravely navigating life in an unfamiliar place.

When they arrive—often with no other place to turn for care—they’re warmly welcomed by our exceptional caregivers and staff, who are ready to step in and offer support.

Our medical assistant, Elizabeth, greets each visitor with a smile and makes sure they’re comfortable. Our Chief Resident, Dr. Pandit, delivers care with compassion and empathy. And Jennifer, our social worker, advocates alongside our patients for their wellbeing—a trusted partner, always in their corner. Our dedicated team at the CHC depends on donations from the NorthShore community to help them serve their patients. And there’s no better time to show your support than right now.

The Power of Your Partnership

Through August 15, all gifts made to the NorthShore CHC will be doubled, thanks to a generous local donor with close ties to our mission. Every dollar you give will work twice as hard for our team and their patients, connecting our neighbors who are experiencing poverty with the high-quality healthcare and support they deserve.

If you join us today, you’ll be advancing the work of our caregivers—like Dr. Pandit—as they conduct wellness exams, provide affordable—often life-changing—medication, and connect patients with specialists to manage complex illnesses and support their mental and behavioral health.  

“We worked with a patient suffering from diabetes, among other illnesses. He was balancing the demands of being a parent and a student, and he struggled to manage his conditions. When we first met, he was discouraged and barely mobile. But now, he’s focused on his health journey, has graduated, and is ready to begin a new career with a positive outlook on life and a joy for parenthood. This is why I practice medicine.”

—Anu Pandit, MD, CHC Chief Resident

Beyond Healthcare

Philanthropy enables our CHC team to go the extra mile for our neighbors, and our services extend far beyond medical care. In fact, gifts from our generous community helped our social worker, Jennifer, increase the hours she could spend with patients each week. Because of Jennifer’s work, many of our patients can secure safe housing, locate local food pantries for nutritious meals, connect with social security and—importantly—take comfort in knowing they found a partner to help them through times of crisis.

Making Quality Care Accessible to All

As the demand for the CHC’s critical services continues to grow—especially in the aftermath of the pandemic—so does the need for ongoing support. Through philanthropy, we can expand our team of superstars and the resources we offer, giving all local families in need access to the high-quality care for which NorthShore is known, regardless of their ability to pay. Please join us with your most generous gift today.