Nursing and Physician Education

NorthShore University HealthSystem’s (NorthShore’s) brightest nurses, physicians and scientists are nurtured through philanthropic investments that allow for exceptional opportunities to strengthen their knowledge or promote their research.

Nursing Education
NorthShore nurses are dedicated to our patients. Nurses are there during the most difficult and personal moments in a patient’s life—caring, educating and encouraging. They also work tirelessly behind the scenes communicating with doctors, coordinating care and keeping patients safe.

Professional development, skills training, research and scholarship awards help elevate the nursing profession, translating into better patient care. Philanthropy funds these opportunities for the 2,500 nurses at NorthShore.

The Nursing Scholarship Fund, established in 1990, provides scholarships for NorthShore nurses who want to advance their nursing education and increase their knowledge of patient care and other staff members who feel inspired to enter the field of nursing. In 2018, 69 awards were given to NorthShore employees who would not have otherwise been able to pursue their nursing aspirations.

The Nancy T. Semerdjian Nursing Excellence Fund, established in 2015, supports ongoing professional development, provides seed money for nursing research and helps make specialty certification programs possible. With resources from this fund, 56 nurses were able to take advantage of professional development opportunities in 2017, including certifications and travel to conferences.

Physician Education
NorthShore’s teaching affiliation with the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine places us at the forefront of medical education and brings some of the brightest young minds here to train as medical students, residents and fellows in our hospitals. Through participation in professional conferences and lectureships, national certification courses and mentoring programs, our teams of physicians, residents and healthcare professionals are able to share their experience and learn from experts to continually improve the delivery of multifaceted care.

NorthShore’s 36 Endowed Chairmanships enable our physician-scientists to pioneer new frontiers in medicine, whether it’s gene therapy, innovative treatments to repair damaged heart valves, or new ways to pursue a cure for cancer by combining basic molecular biology and clinical medicine.

These endowments ensure continued excellence throughout NorthShore, with our patients and families as the ultimate beneficiaries of this knowledge and experience. Your generous partnership can provide our clinicians with rewarding learning opportunities and valuable educational tools to enhance their professional development.

For more information on supporting any of these essential programs, please contact Nicole Brennan, Director, Annual Fund, at 224.364.7210 or give online at

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