MRW Leadership Board

The Myra Rubenstein Weis (MRW) Leadership Board's goal is to educate and empower people to make informed decisions to prevent hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.  Funds raised through their activities support Living in the Future (LIFE) Pre-Vivor resources, including an educational workshop held for individuals diagnosed with BRCA and other breast and ovarian cancer predisposition genes.

Bottom row: Barb Guido, Elena Moore, MD, Carol Rosenberg, MD, Georgia Spear, MD; Top row: Anna Newlin, Catherine Pesce, MD, Peter Hulick, MD, Elaine Wade, MD and Michael Howard, MD at the LIFE Pre-Vivor Forum

Stephanie Goldstein, Carol Rosenberg, MD and Caryn Engle

LIFE as a PreVivor Workshop:

On April 6, 2017, a forum of NorthShore University HealthSystem medical experts addressed strategies to identify, manage, monitor and treat individuals with genetic predispositions for breast and ovarian cancer. Topics included genetic testing, screening guidelines, surgial options, chemo-prevention, and lifestyle suggestions to make life saving decisions about your health. Check back soon to view educational videos of the workshop. Learn more at the story here. For questions or more information, contact the LIFE Program at 847.926.5818.

MRW Leadership Board's "Jammin' in Our Genes" Benefit

The MRW Leadership Board welcomed 350 attendees to their inaugural Benefit, “Jammin’ in Our Genes,” at 210 Restaurant in Highwood. The Benefit raised funds to support free programming to educate individuals diagnosed with BRCA and other Breast and Ovarian cancer predisposition genes. A good time was had by all on Saturday, November 19, 2016 while helping to raise funds to support the MRW Leadership Board’s Living in the Future (LIFE) Pre-Vivorship workshop.

Want to support the cause? Make a tax-deductible donation here.

Save the date for the 2nd annual Benefit: December 2, 2017!

Questions? Contact Stephanie Goldstein at 248.514.5954 or

MRW Leadership Board:
Nancy Blitz
Caryn Engle, Co-Chair
Jamie Engle
Sara Franklin
Ari Goldsmith, Co-Chair
Jeremy Goldstein
Stephanie Goldstein, Co-Chair
Jordan Goldstein, MD, Co-Chair
Lindsey Goldstein Ross
Jill Kase
Debbie Ori

Heather Redisch

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