Whether it’s your teenage niece who suffers from crippling anxiety, your elderly neighbor who has bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts, or a co-worker who struggles with addiction, mental illness often goes undiagnosed and affects everyone in our community. Most people suffer in silence for years before seeking treatment, because they fear they’ll be judged or ridiculed.

At NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore), we are committed to help those suffering with mental illness. We’re working to better identify those who need care, provide improved access to services, and enhance the quality and scope of interventions.

With the help of our community of donors, NorthShore is reinventing the delivery of accessible, high-quality behavioral healthcare through the Psychiatric Urgent Care Program. We are working to minimize wait times and provide direct, immediate and effective emergency interventions. We are building a multidisciplinary team that will address immediate crisis-level situations and work to stabilize the patient.

Your gift can help us lift more people in our community from the despair of mental illness.

Together, we can accelerate, enhance and expand mental health services in our community.

Donate online or contact Nicole Brennan at 224.364.7210 if you have questions.



Please view this short video to learn how NorthShore is reinventing the delivery of accessible, high-quality behavioral healthcare.





Our Programs


Increase Access to Mental Health Services in Our Community
The Psychiatric Fund supports NorthShore’s latest initiative to create a Psychiatric Urgent Care Program. Donations will allow NorthShore to build the infrastructure needed to help thousands of patients get faster psychiatric care right here in our community.

Provide Precision Medication Treatments Tailored to Each Patient
Patients and psychiatrists often wait weeks—sometimes months—to assess a medication’s effectiveness or possible toxicity. Through pharmacogenomics, a simple DNA test helps physicians determine which type and dosage will be safest and most effective. NorthShore’s nationally recognized Pharmacogenomics Clinic helps caregivers prescribe the right medication, in the right dosage, the first time—all based on the patient’s unique DNA profile.

Help Neighbors Recover from Addiction
For more than 40 years, the Doreen E. Chapman Center has offered comprehensive treatment for those struggling with substance abuse. A board-certified psychiatrist specializing in addiction medicine focuses on all aspects of the disease to provide a holistic and comprehensive treatment approach—including coordinating services for individuals who have an addiction and a co-occurring psychiatric illness or chronic pain.

Help New Mothers and Families in Crisis
The Perinatal Family Support Center—used by nearly 1,800 families each year—provides services to women and their families who need informed and compassionate help as they navigate a crisis related to pregnancy, birth, prematurity or perinatal loss. Because this service is provided free of charge, charitable giving is vital for NorthShore to help people in need. It’s that simple.

Psychosocial Support for Cancer Patients
A cancer diagnosis is life-changing for a patient, creating stress, anxiety and oftentimes depression. Support services from our social workers at NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center—made possible in part by the generosity of donors—help empower cancer patients and their families with individual and family counseling, support groups, and educational tools on crisis management, stress management and coping strategies.

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