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When you get diagnosed with cancer, there are so many options for where you can be treated. Getting treatment at the Kellogg Cancer Center was a Godsend… it made a huge difference in my recovery. It was the people and their knowledge that got me through this. ~ Debbie Gill, Kellogg Cancer Center Patient and Cancer Survivor

Internationally renowned cancer specialists, compassionate and knowledgeable clinical staff, leading-edge research and emerging treatment options make NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) a leader in comprehensive cancer care. Our approach to care has had an overall positive impact on the lives of the nearly 50,000 patients, and their families who, like Debbie Gill, have been treated at the Kellogg Cancer Center.

Established in 1981 with a philanthropic gift from the Kellogg family in appreciation for the care they received at NorthShore, the Kellogg Cancer Center offers state-of-the-art care for the whole person. Of all patients who are diagnosed at NorthShore, 96 percent choose to stay and continue their cancer treatment. Under the direction of Theodore Mazzone, MD, Chairman of the Department of Medicine, and Bruce Brockstein, MD, Head of the Division of Oncology, the Kellogg Cancer Center offers consistent treatment from fellowship-trained, board-certified physicians and nurses who work together on all aspects of a patient’s care. Dr. Mazzone is the Louise W. Coon Chairman of Medicine, and Dr. Brockstein is the Kellogg-Scanlon Chair of Oncology.

Located at Evanston, Glenbrook and Highland Park Hospitals, the Kellogg Cancer Center’s physicians and specialty nurses serve as the nucleus of a multidisciplinary team that also includes, among others, surgeons, radiation oncologists, oncology pharmacists, nutritionists and social workers. This collaborative group works tirelessly with patients and families struggling with cancer to offer the highest quality surgical and medical treatments, as well as psychosocial and other supportive care.

Making a Difference through Philanthropy

Philanthropy helped establish the Kellogg Cancer Center over 30 years ago, and since then has been integral to helping NorthShore University HealthSystem improve the breadth, depth and quality of patient care, academic medical education and research initiatives related to cancer. For example, the Psychosocial Oncology Program was created in 1998 with a generous contribution from the Harris Family Foundation, and the Susan Harris Memorial Fund, sustained through philanthropic gifts, allows for the ongoing training of post-doctoral fellows in psychosocial oncology—one of only a handful of such programs in the country.

To learn more about how you can support the Kellogg Cancer Center and its related programs to transform lives, please contact Kevin Gray, Senior Director of Philanthropy, at 224.364.7230 or give online.

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