Talking about end-of-life concerns can be unsettling.

Yet when asked in a recent Gallup survey, the vast majority of Americans said they know exactly the kind of final experience they hope for: to be in their own homes, surrounded by family and loved ones, and to be free of pain. They want to remain engaged in their favorite activities for as long as they’re able and want their important rituals to be respected.

NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) Hospice and Palliative Care programs help patients and families make these hoped-for endings come true. You can help us bring this nurturing approach to families just like yours throughout our region.

At NorthShore, your hospice philanthropy can be designated in specific ways that are important to you. You can help:

  • Expand integrative therapies for hospice patients, such as music and massage.
  • Provide care for patients who may be all alone or supported by families with very limited resources.
  • Enhance and expand bereavement counseling to children and adults.
  • Train the next generation of hospice and palliative care professionals to provide comfort care and guide patients and families through end-of-life journeys, loss and grief.

Each year, more than 1.6 million Americans look to hospice and palliative care as they face their final days. That number continues to grow. We hope you’ll join us as we provide people in our communities with compassionate end-of-life care.

Donate online or contact Kate Chappell at 224.364.7211 if you have questions.



Integrative Therapies for Hospice Patients

Music Therapy
Music is a powerful form of art that contributes to our healing and overall wellness. Music therapy in hospice draws on a patient’s culture, traditional rituals and cherished memories to create a healing experience that’s deeply personal and meaningful. Music therapy promotes an environment of healing and emotional restoration that’s precisely in tune with a patient’s specific needs.

Massage Therapy
Touch is one of the first senses experienced at birth and one of the last senses to leave us at death. Massage therapy in hospice contributes to feelings of connection and companionship, enhanced relaxation, improved sleep, and reduced pain and discomfort. Gentle and compassionate massage promotes comfort, relief and peace for patients and their families.

NorthShore Hospice Volunteers
Employing their unique personal talents and skills, hospice volunteers may sit with patients to provide a comforting presence, play music to provide a soothing atmosphere, or help with meal preparation, transportation or light household chores. The presence and service of hospice volunteers provide patients, caregivers and families with the most comfortable and compassionate end-of-life experience possible.




Ten years ago, Jim Garard was attending to the agonizing reality of his wife’s late-stage terminal cancer.

Though a member of the Board of Directors at NorthShore for many years, Jim was unfamiliar with hospice and palliative care for patients with severe advanced illness. When Irene was referred to the program for her end-of-life care, Jim and his children were relieved that NorthShore made Irene’s comfort their primary concern and grateful they had the remaining time to be fully present with her without having to tend to her medical needs.

This is the experience patients and families say they hope for. Grateful for the care his wife and family received during their ordeal, and in honor of Irene’s memory, Jim established a special fund to help build awareness of the care program and provide information and educational materials for NorthShore patients and families facing loss. His philanthropic fund has provided resources for support groups, newsletters and other printed guides, and various other educational programs to help families through the ordeal of losing a loved one. These free educational materials are available from NorthShore Hospice and Palliative Care.

Jim, now a NorthShore Life Director, is dedicated to helping provide—as broadly as possible—valuable information related to the benefits of hospice and palliative care. He sees his mission as fostering a sea of change in understanding death and dying, feeling that each of us should be able to die pain-free and with dignity, and that families should receive the necessary support that allows us to do so.




Plan Your Future Care with Our Helpful Guidebook

NorthShore has created an essential resource for patients and the people they love. Our Advance Care Planning Guidebook helps families communicate care priorities and maintain dignity and control during all the stages of medical care. Get the care you want, even when others are making decisions for you. Please contact Kate Chappell at to request a copy.

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