Spreading the Word to Her Neighbors

1891 Society member Barcy Grauer volunteered with her late husband Millard at the NorthShore Highland Park Hospital surgical waiting room, following his service on the hospital’s Board of Directors. The Grauers were among the first to enroll in NorthShore’s Genomic Health Initiative (GHI), becoming advocates and charitable contributors to personalized medicine research. The GHI genomic research program investigates genetic variation contributing to diseases. Barcy and Mil learned that, in time, NorthShore GHI scientists’ genetic research will contribute to improvements in prevention, diagnosis and treatment for a variety of diseases. At his passing, Mil Grauer, a nationally regarded lifelong insurance professional, left a planned gift of insurance proceeds to NorthShore. Barcy has continued his legacy through charitable giving that supports the use of genetics to provide personalized diagnoses and customized treatments for NorthShore patients. A champion for NorthShore, Barcy assists in presenting NorthShore educational programming at Evanston’s The Mather, where she is a resident, helping to spread knowledge of personalized medicine’s benefits among her neighbors.

To learn more, please contact Kathleen Chappell, JD, Director of Planned Giving, NorthShore Foundation, 224.364.7211 or kchappell@northshore.org.

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