Precise Treatment Yields New Beginning

NorthShore patient Shelly Levin

When Shelly Levin learned she had inflammatory breast cancer, the disease had already spread to different parts of her body, and it was advanced. Diagnostic tests at NorthShore confirmed Levin had a large tumor in her breast, a pair of tumors in one of her lungs and two more in her chest wall. “It was stage four. I was a mess,” recalled the 65-year-old Northbrook woman.

That was 10 years ago, and Levin is now in remission and back to living her life. Levin’s survival can be credited in large part to the Personalized Medicine techniques available to patients at NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center. Personalized Medicine uses knowledge of the human genome to develop targeted and more effective treatment plans and preventive therapies for patients.

Shelly Levin shares her story of hope and survival, thanks to the power of her Personalized Medicine treatment at NorthShore. Watch the video here.

Levin’s genetic testing and targeted treatment resulted from NorthShore’s already strong foundation in genetics and molecular medicine. Today, under the new Center for Personalized Medicine, NorthShore has an enormous opportunity to expand its leadership role in advancing genomics research and customizing patient care.

“Instead of the one-size-fits-all approach to medicine, this lets us develop precise and personalized treatment strategies by analyzing and integrating individual clinical and genetic information,” said Michael Caplan, MD, Chief Scientific Officer and The Auxiliary of NorthShore Chair of Pediatrics.

You can help support NorthShore’s efforts to lead the way in Personalized Medicine through a philanthropic gift to NorthShore Foundation. To help in these efforts to forge new medical frontiers, please call 224.364.7200 or visit




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