Passion for Research Fuels Patient Advocate
As a Donor, She Pledges Her Support

Patient Advocate Nancy Labinger

Nancy Labinger believes in the importance of medical discoveries and supports research at NorthShore in a number of ways: as a research subject advocate, volunteer and donor.

Her interest in research was sparked when her mother became ill. Labinger found herself immersed in reading about her mother’s condition and what clinical protocols might be beneficial to her recovery. Her mother’s doctor recommended she consider putting her skills to use on a grander scale.

For the past three years, Labinger has served on one of NorthShore’s Institutional Review Boards (IRB), which is a group of scientists, non-scientists and community members who review proposed clinical trials for investigational drugs and devices across the organization. There are presently 615 studies under review by the IRB at NorthShore. 

NorthShore Foundation has committed to raising $30 million by 2015 to support pioneering research, including promising clinical trials, and Labinger applauds this goal – so much so that she has made a planned gift to the Research Excellence Fund. “I give because the search for cures for illnesses and diseases is one of medicine’s most valued pursuits throughout history and has saved millions of lives. To enable this progress, I urge others to support the excellence and advancement of research at NorthShore.”

The IRB of which Labinger is a member works to ensure that clinical trial protocols are conducted in compliance with local policies and federal regulations.

“One of our primary responsibilities as a board is to critically review research consent forms to be certain that potential participants are fully informed and understand all procedures, risks, potential benefits, other options available to them and any financial responsibilities they may incur in consenting to participate in a clinical trial,” she said.

“The IRB is focused on being respectful of the rights and autonomy of the patients, including how they are approached to participate in a study, the consent process, and how their personal health information will be protected.” Labinger strongly believes in the process and said the members of her 12-person IRB are “dedicated professionals aided by a phenomenal NorthShore Research Institute staff and passionate NorthShore doctors who are principal investigators of our clinical trials.”

“I am aware that many choose to donate to specific causes which personally touch their lives, but everyone benefits from research. Research drives new advances in medicine. Every new medical discovery over the decades has been the result of the scientific process. Donor support enables research to thrive,” she said.

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