Innovate & Transform: The End of Trial-and-Error Medicine

From left to right, Dr. Brian Helfand, Dr. Mark Dunnenberger, Dr. Liana Billings, moderator Mary Ann Childers, Chief Administrative & Strategy Officer Kristen Murtos, and NorthShore Foundation's Executive Director Murray Ancell

In May, NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) donors gathered at Rotary International in Evanston for the first in a series exploring how their philanthropy is tranforming the practice of medicine. Despite extraordinary advances in science and technology, the practice of medicine can still be inexact and imprecise at times. NorthShore researchers and physicians are dedicated to changing that, and are grateful for the generosity of donors that is helping to advance this vitally important work.

Mark Dunnenberger, PharmD, discussed the promise of pharmacogenomics, a practice that targets drug therapies with individualized precision based on a patient’s genetic makeup. Liana Billings, MD, MMSc, spoke about how personalized medicine can close the diagnosis gap in diabetes, giving her hope for a day when diabetes is a disease of the past. Brian Helfand, MD, PhD, detailed how genetic research unique to NorthShore can advance the prevention, diagnosis and care for high-risk prostate cancer patients. Along with moderator Mary Ann Childers, these three thought leaders and practitioners gave attendees a firsthand look at how leading-edge research and advanced preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic solutions help NorthShore envision an end to trial-and-error medicine.

Guests reported enjoying a deeper understanding of the promise of genomic medicine, practical insights into their own well-being, and a greater appreciation for the power and potential of philanthropic support to advance the field of personalized medicine. Click here for more information or contact NorthShore Foundation at 224.364.7200.

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