Sharon Ellen Louis Memorial

Our mom was young, vibrant, and full of life. Just days before her terminal diagnosis we were laughing and enjoying each other’s company as we always had. The furthest thing from our reality was that our time together would, or even could, soon come to an end.

At a routine doctor’s appointment she was informed that her liver was enlarged. From there tests and biopsies were done, which ultimately landed us at an oncologist’s office. It was there we learned that in no uncertain terms, our mom was going to die- at this advanced stage; there was nothing we could do. Our mom was our world, the first person we talked to every morning when we woke up and the last before we went to sleep at night, and that response was unacceptable. If we were going down, there was no way we were going without a fight. And fight, we did!

That very night we started our mom on chemo, and against all odds she responded, even our Oncologist was surprised. Throughout the next 6 weeks we laid together every day and every night, holding each other. We knew she was sick, but we were just enjoying each other’s company, passing the time until life was normal again.

Thanksgiving week we took her to the hospital for a PET scan, which led to an overnight stay as she was feeling a little under the weather. Like every test taken along our journey, the PET scan showed great improvement; we were thrilled! But, the next day, things suddenly changed - she caught Pneumonia.

On Thanksgiving morning she left us, but not without the most courageous fight any doctor or nurse had ever seen. She fought harder and longer than any patient ever had in her condition. Our whole family sat around her bed and talked to her for hours, eventually screaming to bring her back to us

They say you can't see love but, that night, we did.

In honor of our beautiful mom we are raising money to fund more extensive research for a greatly overlooked and rare illness; CUP (Cancer of an unknown primary). Help us fight this evil disease that took our mommy from us. If you think it can’t happen to you, think again, we never would have believed it would happen to us! Any size donation is greatly appreciated.

Join us on November 10, 2018 at Point & Feather to help support leading-edge research at NorthShore University HealthSystem. Reserve your spot here.

Click here to donate and support our cause in memory of Sharon Ellen Louis.

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