Personalized Medicine
is the Most Powerful Medicine

NorthShore's Center for Individualized Medicine will transform your health care.

The past 50 years have brought amazing advances to our everyday lives—from lunar landings to laser surgeries, MRI machines to mobile phones. And the wonders of discovery won’t stop as long as scientific pursuit continues. 

In fact, when it comes to life-changing medicine, you might be surprised at the progress we’re continuing to make…

Did you know doctors at NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) can analyze your family’s genetic history to help prevent the development of chronic conditions like diabetes?

Or that we can use DNA sequencing to find the gene mutation that predisposes you to breast or colorectal cancer? 

Or analyze the genetic makeup of a tumor to determine the best treatment plan? 

It’s not just scientific research. It’s discovery that changes lives. And with your support, the NorthShore Center for Personalized Medicine can turn this potential into reality.

What Is Personalized Medicine?

There’s a transformation underway. For more than a century, medical treatment has been about patients reporting symptoms, doctors identifying causes, and universal treatment being applied. And many advances and discoveries have been made.

But modern genomic science will take medicine and healthcare to the next level. Instead of diagnosing diseases when they occur, what if we could predict and prevent them instead? What if cancer treatments could be customized to the exact individual, making them more effective with fewer side effects? What if heart disease could be managed with personalized medications that improve a patient’s quality of life?

That’s the promise your charitable support can enable. Personalized medicine is medicine that learns from you.

To learn how your philanthropic investment in NorthShore can transform health care and transform lives, please contact Murray Ancell, Executive Director, at 224.364.7200.

Or, make a gift online to ensure that today’s discoveries become the standard of care tomorrow—for you, your loved ones and our community. 

To learn more about NorthShore’s new Center for Personalized Medicine, please visit



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